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Friends and Pepes

:iconunknownuser456: hue hue hue :>
:icontheboredpotato: My Hell sis
:iconlilaclovessoda: fuck me hard Daddy
:iconhlspimen:just a guy that i miss,I’m sorry for what i have said..
:iconlilah-ppg2442: my first watcher! >w< tysm!
:icona-tarii::icontears-of-joseph: my two dads
:icontaffy30833::iconsammy40944: really awesome best friends!
:iconkitten-luv88: a really cute bestfriend! and my pet :3
:iconboenunknown:Ahh yes,She is funny af! XD
:iconlittle--inky--ace: a meme friend XD
:icondiamondtfm: T O T A L S I L E N C E
:iconscribblyfandoms7: idk if she left,but she was a good friend
:iconchibicupquake: i tell her dead meme jokes,but yet we still laugh XD
:iconp-oiaroiid: a calm friend! she helped me get the music thing on my page!
:iconxx-cupcakemash-xx: a amazing new friend! she draws pretty good!
:iconcamille996: A new amazing friend!
:iconunsavedolives: *pink guy yell*
:iconcringystuff: l-/ fan
:iconxhellen-drawsx: a new amazing friend! >w<
:iconkaikosamaa: a sweet meme
:iconmoon-hyenaa: <- lick,lick,lick


May 24, 2017
7:14 pm
May 24, 2017
4:26 pm
May 24, 2017
12:11 pm
May 24, 2017
5:32 am
May 24, 2017
4:06 am

So for my old fans I had Steven and Friends...I want to bring it back,Should I? 

30 deviants said Yeah!
6 deviants said Nah You are better off then doing something els.


Steam and Discord…
lied about my real name xD (look in the about me thing)…

Be calm...

i found this gif and i love it too much xD


NOPE by ghoulr

name / age / pronouns

I wanna die somewhere els.In a fucking Shrek Swamp.

NITW Stamp by LeoZane bad dream stamp [THIS ISNT DHMIS FUCK OFF] by witchb0y Mae Borowski stamp by Stamp-Master


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kittyrainbowfan Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
why the hell did you say i kissed a transgender girl????
its revenge isnt it. its so revenge...
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Bendy Mentally Judging You Icon Listen here u lil f rick,, 
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Sweetheart Divider Blue Sweetheart Divider Blue Sweetheart Divider Blue Sweetheart Divider Blue Sweetheart Divider Blue Sweetheart Divider Blue 
a wa-a-tch !?!?
But..What Demonds..Onion i can't believe this I think I've fainted.
thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!Another Onion Icon  this means tons to me !!!!!onion dance 
thank you very much for your support Onion emo 2 

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ViviEny Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
26.8. 2016- When I fell in love with you.
4.9. 2016- When I confessed.
6.9. 2016- When you accepted my feelings and told me that you loved me back
11.10. 2016- Our first fight(as a couple, of course.)
21.11. 2016- Depression and cheating
22.11. 2016- When you forgave me...
1.12. 2016- When I made you cry
2.12. 2016- When I made you beg on your knees for me
6.12. 2016- When we almost broke up
8.12. 2016- When everything turned back to normal
18.12. 2016- When you told me that you don't trust me...
24.12. 2016- Sweet gift, a kiss under the mistletoe and our 3rd month together
1.1. 2017- Getting drunk together
2.1. 2017- When everything was normal between you, me and Nicole
14.1. 2017- When I cheated on you with her officially
15.1. 2017- When you moved on and got yourself Cherry
16.1. 2017- When I cried the whole day because of you
27.1. 2017- Getting back together
2.2. 2017- Breaking up again
8.2. 2017- The Rsm issue
11.2. 2017- Me being super jealous
12.2. 2017- Breaking up AGAIN
29.2. 2017- Rsm deleted her account
30.2. 2017- Getting back together
9.3. 2017- Kitten and me, fooling around and doing disgusting stuff
11.3. 2017- You, ignoring me
12.3. 2017- Giving up
16.3. 2017- When Kitten disappeared
19.3. 2017- Another chance
9.3. 2017- Anniversary
10.3. 2017- The call
25.3. 2017- When you ignored me
26.3. 2017- When you thought it's your turn
27.3. 2017- When you and Lola started to date
28.3. 2017- When my depression started
29.3. 2017- When you felt so sorry for me
17.3. 2017- When you lied to us
18.3. 2017- When you cheated on us
20.3. 2017- When you, Zicky and I chatted
21.3. 2017- When Zicky told Lola our little secret, and when she flipped out
23.3. 2017- When Lola turned away from us and hated us
26.3. 2017- When we had a fight and when she came back
28.3. 2017- When she confessed
29.3. 2017- Our last break up
17.3. 2017- When we were fighting because of Lola
18.3. 2017- When you lost her
19.3. 2017- When I regretted choosing her
22.3. 2017- Today's our day...

Our relationship was pretty harsh, but it was a blast!

Go ahead, remove it. But remember, I'll always love you...

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